It is not a secret that a student is required to write a perfect dissertation in order to obtain an academic degree. While preparing this type of paper, you have to demonstrate your advanced skills and deep knowledge of the chosen subject. You need to prove that your student years haven’t been spent in vain. In your dissertation, you are expected to develop a new theory or prove your hypothesis based on some research. Also, you can present a completely different perspective on some problematic issue in it.

Undoubtedly, dissertation writing is a very challenging process. You should spend much time, effort, and nerves to come up with an excellent paper. In fact, you have to concentrate all your attention on this task. If you suppose that you need a professional assistant who can guide you all the way, you are welcome to contact us., a modern writing service, is ready to share some useful tips on doing a dissertation with you. Our expert writers also use these guidelines when preparing custom dissertations.

The steps a student should take to write a high quality dissertation

  • 1. Choose an appropriate topic

    The first thing you are required to do is to consider the topic for your academic paper. Decide what you would like to discuss in a dissertation. It is advisable to consult with your tutor in order to realize the full scope of work. It should be mentioned that you need to focus on a narrow topic instead of a general one. For example, the topic “Child development” is too broad; thus, it is better to make it more specific, e.g. “Piaget stages of child development.” In this case, you will be sure that you can handle the task.

  • 2. Make an outline and carry out research

    Write a detailed outline for your dissertation. This way, you will not miss any important issue that has to be explored. Set a time frame for each stage of research. Follow your plan. Remember that a carefully organized writing process is a firm guarantee that the dissertation will be prepared on time without any delays.

  • 3. Follow a dissertation structure

    Dissertations can be of different structures depending on the academic course and topic. Therefore, you should consult with your tutor to choose the most suitable one. In most cases, the dissertation has the following structure:

    1. 1. Title page. Your topic, name, submission date, and your professor’s name are indicated on a title page.
    2. 2. Abstract. It provides a brief summary of your dissertation.
    3. 3. Acknowledgements. Here you can express gratitude to those who have helped you with dissertation preparation.
    4. 4. Table of contents. This is the list of chapters your dissertation consists of.
    5. 5. Introduction. In this section, you briefly point out all the issues that will be discussed and present a thesis statement that will be proved in the paper.
    6. 6. Main body. It is the biggest section of a dissertation. Here you have to analyze the researched issue and provide the facts that support your statement. This section is usually divided into logically organized subsections.
    7. 7. Conclusion. It concisely restates the findings you have presented to support the thesis and presents your recommendations.
    8. 8. Bibliography. It is the list of all the sources you have used while preparing your dissertation.
    9. 9. Appendices. These include graphs, tables, or any other information that is directly related to your topic.

Dissertation Content

It is of great importance to demonstrate your deep understanding of main issues, critically evaluating them in the dissertation. In order to show your competence of the topic, write logical and clear paragraphs providing necessary information only. Do not forget to properly cite all the ideas that are not yours.


Choose only reliable and peer-reviewed sources for your dissertation. It is a guarantee that your work will be based on the unbiased data. Provide in-text citations to avoid accusation of plagiarism.

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