Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will I be able to edit the paper provided by your writing services?

    We provide Microsoft Word documents (.doc) which are fully editable. If you find that your paper needs to be revised contact our team and get FREE revisions from your writer.

  • How will you contact me?

    All our customers are able to follow and control the process of their orders. Our representatives make sure to inform you with any news and keep you always updated. Your e-mail and phone numbers are essential communication channels, so filling in your order form, please, make sure that all the data is correct.

  • Is it possible to communicate with the writer in a live mode?

    Our company has strong confidentiality policy, which presupposes total confidentiality both of the customers as well as the writers. To provide maximum protection to the both sides does not make a live communication with the writers available, but a new messaging system introduced by our IT specialists is just as effective. To stay in touch and be abreast of all the news, check your e-mail from time to time. Use your personal page to ask order-related questions to the writer who will use the same messaging system as well.

  • What if I need immediate assistance?

    If you are an existing client all you need to do is to log into secure Customer Care Area. Our support team will immediately react to your problem and will make sure to assist you with any order-related issue. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day, so even if you havent got your personal account yet, they will eagerly meet your request and solve your issue in a couple of hours.

  • Do you have a refund option? is proud to do our best for your satisfaction. To provide maximum comfort for our clients we offer a free revisions option which is available on the 48 hours period from the order delivery date. Free revisions will be made if our writer failed to meet your initial requirements. We are committed to customer satisfaction and we do our best to provide only top quality services to our world-wide clientele.

  • What is your privacy policy?

    We never stock any data our customers provide. Right after three days after the order delivery all the information will be deleted from the system automatically. There will be no record left concerning your order, your e-mail, your phone number or your name.

  • Do you accept international orders? is a network uniting over 700 writing experts from different corners of the world. So no matter which country you are from we are sure to find a suitable writer just for you. Although our company is situated in the United States of America we work with the clients from Canada, Asia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, South America, Australia, Japan, Africa etc. Your custom research order will be developed to meet academic standards of your country.

  • What can I do with the work?

    Our work is intended as an educational tool only and remains our copyright property. We provide our services with an educational research purpose and you must assure that you wont use it to follow any other intentions. We may refuse to supply the work to you in case we believe that you are following other motives.

  • Int it cheating to use your services?

    As it has already been mentioned before our activity has only educational motif. You are to assure that you will use our services only as an educational tool. In other case we may refuse to supply our work to you.

  • Your service looks like encouraging plagiarism is it?

    Of course not! The work you order at remains its copyright and you have no right to hand it in as your own. As you understand this may be considered as cheating and will also be a violation of the copyright law. According to the legal instructions we could sell you the copyright on work as well, but this does not go along with the company policy. We do not encourage cheating. Our aim is to supply the experience and knowledge to the students, ease their way through the studying process as we strongly believe it can improve educational standards: a student with a good guideline will achieve more success in understanding the topic and the question than one without.

  • How can I place an order?

    Order process at is rather simple. If you are willing to place your order at simply follow this link that will take you to your personal order page where you are to leave your requirements, orders details and contact information.

  • How do I pay and when?

    Payment process at does not differ a lot from other goods and services purchases. Payment has to be completed before the work on the order begins, except for very complicated assignments. In this case first we need to find a suitable writer and we wont ask you to proceed with the payment until we find one. We offer you a possibility to choose the most comfortable payment system through the major debit and credit cards using our website, making a deposit into our bank account, and instalments (only for larger pieces). Unfortunately we no longer accept cheques and payments after order delivery because of some fraud activities of the individuals.

  • Is it safe to submit payments through your site?

    To ensure maximum financial protection of our customers we cooperate only with the reliable world-known companies - These payment methods are secure legally registered ways to conduct an easy and quick money transfer. After having filled your order form you will have two payment options: will take you to the web pages where you can easily make a payment following proposed tips and hints. Only a few minutes separate you from the moment we start working on your order we will begin it right after receiving your payment by our company. Visit web pages to learn more.

  • Are there any hidden charges or fees?

    Absolutely not! Our policy is to provide maximum comfort and confidence to our customers. We want you to trust us and we will never ruin the trust we gained by hitting customers with ridiculous bogus fees and delivery charges. We guarantee that there is nothing more than advertised price!

  • How will I receive my custom essay?

    You can get your custom paper in two simple and secure ways either get it as an attachment to the e-mail or download it from a protected online location, using your personal user name and password which will be delivered to you in a special confirmation letter.

  • What time will my essay be delivered?

    The usual delivery hour is 10.30 PM, but in some cases it may arrive before 12.00 midnight. We guarantee 100% on time delivery, which means that your paper will be sent to you exactly on the day requested in the order form (deadline date)or even the day before. For example, if you set a 7 day delivery, the paper may arrive on the 7th or 6th day. If the writer finishes the task earlier, it will be sent to you earlier correspondingly.

  • What should I do if my essay is not delivered on time?

    First of all do not panic and contact our support team immediately. You can reach us via live chat, phone or messaging system on your order page at any time of day and night. Our representatives are available 24/7/365 and they will eagerly and promptly react to your request and try to solve the problem right away. There may be a few reasons why the delivery is late. First, you might have given a wrong e-mail address or your SPAM filter sieves our messages. Second, your writer may be waiting for your additional instructions and cannot continue working without your assistance, and third, your work may be in the plagiarism check process. Anyway, do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve the problem by all means.

  • What advantages does your company have?

    We believe that it is impossible to meet the requirements of the customers without a constant evolution and growth. We constantly monitor your needs and wishes to meet even the highest expectations, as customers satisfaction is our top priority, our moving force and our inspiration. We are committed to excellence and quality in everything we do. We constantly introduce new great options to make you comfortable while working with us. Now you can easily communicate with your writer, track the status of your order, upload additional materials and instructions, and do billing verification. You are also free to download your paper 24/7/356. In order to assure maxim quality of the orders we implemented a new writer match system which allows us to choose the best writer for a certain assignment. To meet growing customer demands we hire 10 new qualified writing experts each month to be available for any kind of order and prevent any order problems . What is more, we offer you a possibility to contact us via phone or live chat 24 hours a day!

  • Do you offer only writing services?

    Except for writing services offers a wide range of researching, editing, proofreading assistance in all professional and academic fields. Any professional or academic level assignment can be developed by the team of our great professionals for Secondary School, High School, College/University (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior), Graduate/Master and Ph.D. You can order all kinds of academic projects, starting from the essays, term and research papers, theses, dissertations, book reports, movie reviews, article critiques, journal reviews, applications, resumes and admission essays. What is more, Calculations, Accounting, Projects for the Business School, Intermediate Accounting, and PowerPoint Presentations can be ordered at Except for academic offers we also provide different kinds of professional writing, such as publications, grant proposals, development of the website content, professional reviews etc.

  • Will my custom essay or custom term paper really be 100% custom made?

    100% original content of our output is our main responsibility. sticks to the anti plagiarism policy and does everything possible to fight it. First, we cooperate exceptionally with the trusted writers who have proven record of their professionalism and non-plagiarism activity. Even so, before sending to the client we check every paper through the special ultra-modern anti plagiarism software that detects even the most subtle hints of plagiarizing activity. And third, we provide not only plagiarism free papers; we develop only 100% original professionally written papers able to meet all your requirements. Thus you can be absolutely sure in 100% quality and originality, and if not you can have all your money back.

  • What topics are available at

    Absolutely all the topics from any academic subjects you study at school, college, university or any other institution. Every month our writing stuff is enlarged with new professionals from various fields of knowledge to meet the growing demand of the customers. So there is no such a topic or subject we have no writing expert or researcher for.

  • Is it possible that I receive a copy-pasted paper?

    Absolutely not! We give our 100% guarantees of total originality of the custom research we provide. Your custom research order will be developed especially for you, in correspondence with your needs and expectations. It will be tailor made for you, no copying, duplicating or plagiarizing guaranteed.

  • Will my writer read the needed text to write my custom essay?

    We work with highly educated writing professionals who are familiar with every literature work assigned in college, school or university. Years of experience in the writing domain made our team real experts with deep knowledge and excellent writing skills. But if your task is unique, new and uncommon, it is our writers only who can really help you. So if your book is something new and unknown, and your deadline is just around the corner contact us and we will help you. We have a great option provided by our speed reading experts who can cope with a lengthy book in less than 24 hours. We give our 100% guarantees that you will receive your order just on time and it will meet all your specifications.

  • Do you attach reference, bibliography and works cited pages to the order?

    Yes. Bur to receive these options you need to mention them in your order. We will provide a FREE reference, bibliography and works cited page in any citation style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc).

  • Is it really legal?

    Of course. is a research service working on the legitimate basis. Our aim is to help students with their studies. All the procedure works very simply when you order a custom research at you buy a copyright material from its author just as if you were buying the book. We do not support any plagiarism and cheating, and you should remember this starting your cooperation with us.

  • Are your services confidential?

    All the data is totally confidential and will remain so during the whole cooperation process. After that all the details will be automatically deleted from the system.

  • Will my paper be available elsewhere?

    No. We never resell our papers to any third parties or other customers. With you can feel totally safe and secure.

  • How do I know that the paper will be delivered to me after I submit the payment?

    We give our guarantees of timely delivery of the orders; not providing the services to our customers who have given us their trust and paid for the order in advance is out of the question. We value each and every customer and we appreciate that you have chosen as your helper. We also care about our current and future business to put it at risk fooling the clients. It is obvious that the Web site would never be functioning for already many years if it worked in a fraud manner.

  • What happens if I do not receive my order?

    There are a few factors that are out of our control and are not our responsibility for example some unavoidable technical failures in receiving the work or opening it. If the company is able to prove that all the work was completed on time you will not be entitled to the money back guarantee. However, in the opposite case (if we cannot prove on time completion of the order) you will get a special discount or FREE pages in the next order.

  • What if custom essay does not meet my expectations?

    You can ask for free revisions in the Files section on your personal page. You can send your comments to the writers and set the number of hours for the writer to complete revision there. If the alterations to the order can be regarded as rather significant or the demand for revision has been issued after 48 hours period from the delivery date a rewriting fee will be charged. It will be calculated according to the complexity of the task. For more information please go to the Pricing page.

  • Do not panic if we have not found a suitable writer for you yet.

    Our system works in the selection mode. It means that the best writer with the most appropriate specialization, willing to work with you will be assigned to your order. This way the most efficient and successful cooperation can be achieved.

  • If any requirements to the assignment you ve placed have changed, just resubmit the order!

    You are always free to update your order info. But please, note that you may be charged with additional compensation to the writer if you decide to change the level, volume, deadline or the service in order to compensate the writer who will have to cope with your new instructions. If you have placed a message to your writer and do not get an answer immediately do not worry. It means that he/she has not checked for the updates yet or is simply conducting a research. However an answer within 24 hours is obligatory. If your order is an urgent one, your writing team will stay online and check in every 1-2 hours.

  • Download your order

    As the deadline approaches you will receive a notification with the link to your account where you will be able to download your completed paper. If you meet any difficulties downloading the paper you will receive an e-mail with a Microsoft Word attachment. Please, use our Customer Satisfaction Survey to inform us about the quality of our services.

  • How long will you write my paper?

    A normal period of time sufficient to fulfill an order is around 24 hours. However the time needed for research depends on the complexity level of the paper, your instructions, and the urgency level you choose. But we should note that the sooner you place your request, the better it is, as it will give us some extra time if any alterations or extra research needed. In case we fail to meet the deadline we will contact you and discuss all the details personally.

  • How can I use the paper?

    Please, remember that the work we provide is a copyright piece, and you are not to hand it is as your own. We provide our services with an educational purpose only and we do not support any cheating. Check our fair use policy to see the details.

  • How can I know that your services are of the same l

    Our policy is to make our customers satisfied. How can we achieve this? Of course only meeting their requirements as well as high demands. We meet and exceed your expectations, and the team of professionals helps us in it. Former and current teachers and professors who know exactly what is needed to get a good grade and a praise of the tutor will do their best to provide you with the top quality work. We are proud to give 100% guarantees of high quality and your satisfaction.

  • What can I ask for in my order?

    Tell us what you need and we will try to help you. The more specific you are the more satisfied will you be by the final result. You can specify the exact title to be answered, word count, style, structure and sources. To see more details check our order form.

  • What qualifications do you have?

    Thanks to many years of hard work and due to excellently selected team of writers is beyond competition. No other companies can excel the level of our services, our resources, research abilities and writing skills of our excellent team of researchers. Former college and university professors with PhD levels, magazine journalists and editors with Master and Undergraduate degrees work 24 hours a day writing and researching. Their experience and skills cannot be underestimated and their professionalism and knowledge cannot be excelled. What is more, modern research resources and tools, access to the widest libraries and databases allow us to develop even the toughest assignments of any academic level.

  • How do you differ from other online writing companies?

    The highest quality services is not just a promise like the in the other companies’ advertisements. Our offer is not a simple quality; it is also your piece of mind. With us you do not have to doubt in the originality or competency of the delivered paper which is backed up by top level professionalism of our writing team. Be careful with the sites of unknown origin which promise a research in one hour for a meager pay. Think – would a professional writer work for nothing?

  • Does deserve my trust?

    We have worked hard for many years to gain trust of thousands of customers from all over the world. Our main treasure is your belief and trust and we would never put it at stake or compromise our good name and excellent reputation earned over years.

  • How can I find you if I need help?

    We are available 24/7/365 so you are free to contact us at any time of day and night if any questions arise. You can call us by phone, e-mail us, use live chat or write a message from your personal order page. The team of our customer care support will help you solve your issues as soon as possible.

  • How does your service work?

    After having filled your order form proceed with the payment. Info sign situated after every fields name will give all the information you may need while filling in the form. A pop-up window will give you a hint on what details are required. Please, make sure to give correct and exact instructions as after the order is accepted and the work on it started it will be difficult to change the specifications. The time of the order will be counted from the moment you conduct a payment. We also give you a money back guarantee if we fail to deliver the services you ordered. To contact you we will use your phone number, e-mail, and your account at our site as main communication channels.

  • We assign a personal writer to your order.

    As soon as you place your order the most appropriate writer will be assigned to your task. He/she may use a messaging system of your personal order page to ask you questions or if any assistance needed from you. Every time you receive a message on your personal order page, an e-mail notification will be sent directly to your e-mail.

  • To communicate with your writer or support team log-in to your personal account

    Stay in touch, use our messaging system to ask any order related questions or answer some writers’ requests if needed.