When students start attending high school, college or university, they face brand new kinds of academic activities and assignments. Such assignments may even include tasks, the completion of which takes a couple of days or weeks. Research paper writing is one of such tasks. This kind of activity is mostly hated by students as it takes not only much effort but also much time and requires much research work. A research paper is a kind of academic writing, which is very important for every student as it is published in different academic journals. The result of such writing may greatly influence every student ruining or helping in his future career.

The Structure of Research Paper

In order to write a high quality research paper, it is necessary to clearly outline its structure. Lots of unstructured information brought up together in one piece of writing will never be appreciated by the professor and will never be able to deserve high grades. Every writer of research paper should be able to arrange his work both chronologically and logically. It will help avoid misunderstanding in the process of writing. If you are one of those students who have to write their research papers but have no idea how to do it properly, there is always an outline example, which they can use as a template for further work. As we understand that the writing process is quite difficult, below we provide a short guide on how to organize and structure your research paper correctly.

Research Paper Writing Guide

The first stage of research paper writing is of course a topic selection. If you know what you are going to write the paper about, it will be easier to figure out how to do it. If you have never written such kind of paper before, it may be useful to use an example of research paper. But if you have got at least basic writing skills, you can try to do it yourself. Every paper, including a research paper, should consist of three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. But it is not enough to know what parts of paper you should write. It is also important to know what to write in each of those parts.


The first part of the paper is an introduction. The main part of it is a thesis statement, which tells the readers what the paper is about and what questions will be discussed in it. This part of the paper also includes information about the purpose of your study, the reason why this specific topic was chosen and the importance of the research. You are also free to include the information about the approaches you use in this part. To sum up, the introduction gives a general notion of points, which will be discussed in the paper.

The main body

This part deals with discussion of the main statements and arguments, using the approaches presented in the introduction. Here the main statements are supported by different researches and personal thoughts on a specific topic.


The final part of the paper or conclusion sums up all the above-given information and generally outlines the key points of the writer. This part also includes explanation why this or that idea was supported and why it is important.

This is only one of many examples of research paper template, which can be easily found on the Internet. The structure of research paper may also vary depending on the number of additional paragraphs or subparagraphs.

Below is the structured example of a research paper:

Thesis Topic: Studying the Influences of Working Conditions on Nurses

  • 1. Introduction (including):

    1. - Problem statements;
    2. - Their definitions;
    3. - Methodology (may also include description of types of research; questionnaires);
    4. - Hypothesis;
    5. - Review of Literature;
    6. - Significance of studying;

  • 2. Main Body:

    1. - Study background (including information on the main points of the research);
    2. - Analysis of data and presentation;

  • 3. Conclusion:

    1. - Final Statement;
    2. - Analytical summary;
    3. - Suggestions and Recommendations;

It is an example of a paper on a specific topic. But as it was already mentioned earlier, the structure of the paper may be different depending on many factors. In order to come up with the final version of the paper, it is also necessary to compare a couple of variants, make some drafts and only then choose the best option for your future work. Such examples can be a good start for writing your own authentic and original paper.

We understand that even using research paper examples will not always help. A number of students find it not simply difficult but almost impossible to write their paper due to the lack of time or for many other reasons. In this case we offer them high quality writing assistance and solution to any writing problems they may have. Our custom written papers will help you succeed in your academic life!