Writing Assignments

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Writing a Draft

If you make up your mind to write your paper yourself, it is necessary to first think over the whole writing process. There is hardly a student who can write a high quality paper from the first time. For this reason it is recommended to make a draft of a paper, which in future will turn into a final and well-organized piece of writing. After the topic of your paper is chosen or assigned, it is important to decide on the main points and arguments, which will be used in a paper. Draft makes students flexible in their writing and gives them possibility to make necessary changes when it is needed. All this helps writers create a high quality paper before it reaches the professor at its final stage.

In order to better explain how the writing process happens, let us consider the following example of paper writing.


This part of a paper is always based on the topic of the assignment. It outlines the main points, which will be discussed in the main body and describes the reasons for choosing a specific topic for investigation.

Let us imagine that the topic of our paper is Screen Time of Children and Its Influence on Their Development. In this case the following writing process will be based on the given topic.


The background gives the explanation of why this problem is essential nowadays and may contain general information on, for example, how much time children spend in front of the screens, how many of them suffer from it and in what way it influences their health.

Structure and Aim

The aim of the paper may be to define the ways of reducing children’s screen time, discuss the ways of solving children’s health problems and determine why the problem has become so essential nowadays. The writer can also indicate what measures the state takes to prevent the appearance of this problem and also discuss the question from the point of view of family factor.

Division into Paragraphs

Division of the paper into paragraphs has to be done in accordance with the number of ideas and arguments used by the writer. Every paragraph should contain one idea in order not to confuse the readers and not to overload them with lots of information. One idea should grow into another from chapter to chapter to fully outline the core of the problem and give offers to its solution.

Thinking before Writing

One of the key principles of paper writing is thinking. Paper writing requires critical thinking from a writer. If school essay writing does not require much thinking from the writer, the paper of higher academic level does. Your ability to think displays a specific level of your knowledge and skills.

Reference List

Referencing plays a great role in the writing process. Anyway, the writer should keep one thing in mind: different writing formats require different referencing. Citations should be referenced as well, taking into account their formats.

Avoid Personalizing Your Paper

Never forget that you write your paper not for your friends and not even for your class-mates. You write your paper for a professor who will evaluate its quality. For this reason you should base your arguments on checked facts and reliable information. Try to avoid your personal thoughts if they do not go in line with the topic of the paper and are not supported by facts.

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Paper Structuringr

In order to make your paper pleasant not only for ears but also for eyes, try to make it more attractive by using numbers and bullets. It will help you ease the work of professor who will check it and will also help you not to get lost among the whole amount of information you use in the writing process. Do not forget that the result of work on papers of high academic level may depend on the smallest details. So if you want to get high grades but in parallel save time paying less attention to some stages of your work, think twice before doing that.

Examples Using

If you want to stress some of your thoughts, the best way to do it is to support them with an appropriate example. Such strategy will help you win better marks and appreciation of your professor. Besides, the good examples will help readers understand your points of view better.

Number of Words

You should also be careful with the word count. If you write more than is required from you, your professor may think that you are not able to cope with the task due to the lack of professionalism. Vice versa, if you write less than needed, the result may be negative as well. For this reason the draft of the paper will help you save time and avoid negative consequences.

Graphical Representation

Alongside with the examples, graphics, tables and schemes may also help you simplify difficult statements and arguments. Sometimes it is easier for a reader to understand the complicated explanations by simply watching at their graphical representation. The tables and schemes should also contain corresponding headings.


This is the final stage and the final chapter of your paper. In this chapter, it is necessary to sum up all the information used in the main body and the introduction of the paper. This part also plays a role of a reminder of the main ideas of the paper and an indicator of the knowledge that was gained in the process of writing.

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