The ensuing terms and conditions comprise the total agreement between and a customer who chooses to access website and use any of its services and products. The customer assumes total responsibility for automatically accepting the Terms and Conditions of this document and agrees to abide by all terms and conditions herein stated. By accessing website the customer as well agrees to abide by all rules and policies posted on any part of the website.

If alters or revises the regulations, terms of this agreement or makes any other changes of policies and procedures, such changes shall be posted on the site within this agreement and immediately become binding upon any customer. It is the customer's responsibility to remain informed of any such revisions.

Copyright provides a variety of services and products to its customers, in the form of written works. The customer agrees that such works, termed products, are the property of and are protected by current copyright law and intellectual proprietary regulations. Products ordered by customers are to be utilized only as models or examples of similar works which the customer is originally producing. The customer agrees to adhere to the policy of that no product ordered and received by the customer from will be submitted without proper source referencing. The customer will further refrain from utilizing any products from for commercial purposes, as this will violate additional law and subject the customer to legal action. does not promote cheating or plagiarism.


The customer shall not hold responsible in any way for any legal action or other negative consequences incurred as a result of customer use or misuse of products and services. The customer further agrees to defend should be named in any legal actions. If the customer shall breach any provision of the terms and conditions of this agreement, total indemnification does apply.

Refund Policy

We will do full refund without any additional fees if:

  • Plagiarism has been detected and proved with appropriate evidence

Plimus services we use for secure transactions of your payment reserve their right to make a Refund or Cancellation without the prior knowledge or consent of Supplier.

Communication between Customer and

The customer accepts total responsibility for providing with a correct email address for purposes of communication. Generalized notices shall be posted on the website and personal communication with each individual customer shall occur via email.

Termination of Order

Occasionally, may determine that termination of an order is necessary. If this event should occur the customer shall be notified immediately and a full refund shall follow., in all instances, attempts to follow all the detailed instructions given by a customer, as it produces a product, and will terminate an order if it is unable to do so.

In the event a customer believes that his/her original instructions have not been utilized in the creation of a product, it is the customer's responsibility to notify of the issue within 48 hours of receipt of the product. If has not followed the original instructions of the customer, shall revise the product as apropriate. If the customer does not contact within 48 hours, the sale is considered final, and any revisions subsequently requested by the customer shall only occur at additional customer cost. The customer may not alter instructions after receipt of the final product without additional cost.

Plimus service we use for secure transactions of your payment reserve their right to make a Refund or Cancellation without the prior knowledge or consent of Supplier.